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Firm «Scott was born in 1958 with the development of ed Scott, talented engineer and ski racer, revolutionary ski poles. In addition to industry skiing, since 1970, the company develops accessories for motocross.


  • In 1986 «Scott» becomes the leader in the production of ski poles and in the same year produced the first bike! And acquaints the public with one of the most significant innovations in the history of velosipedista aerodynamic wheel. This invention has helped to Greg LeMond in 1986 to win the Tour De France.

  • In 1991, «Scott» starts production of mountain bikes with suspension Unishock. In the same year Rati Mats wins the world championship on mountain bike, using a Bicycle with a set absorber Unishock.

  • In 1992 the company «Scott» presents its first polnopodvesnyj mountain Biking, and a little later - Cycling shoes and hat.

  • In 1998 bike G-Zero SCOTT becomes the lightest full suspension bike in the world. The name "G-Zero" has become a significant milestone in the development of the Bicycle industry.

  • Carbon bike Strike breaks all records in 2000 and already this Bicycle is the easiest pornopolis in the world.

  • In 2001 a new record weight! «Scott» is racing Bicycle Team Issue with the easiest frame in the world, made of aluminum alloy with scandium (easier to 1 kg).

  • 2002 - victory at the Tour de France. Patrick Helmand, professional road racer sponsored «Scott» , won the 10th stage of the Tour de France. Since that time, the sector of road bikes is becoming an important marketing part for «Scott» .

  • 2003 - «Scott» is the easiest frame on the market - 895 grams!

  • 2007 - a new record in weight! Addict - the easy road Rama in the world, only 790 grams seat with integrated pin weighing 165 grams. And with technology IMP™ new fork has been to weigh a total of 330 grams, in the end, the weight of the bike amounted to 5.9 kg ($54).

Already more than 50 years, «Scott» offers bicycles for any taste. From and freeride mountain bike downhill races racing to cross-cantigny Baikov. Innovative technologies used for manufacturing of the top models of bicycles «Scott are also models are cheaper and mass rental, sports and Amateur, including tourist and children. Thanks bikes «Scott» excellent operating characteristics, quality and finishes and very high reliability.

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